Study of the Headland, Whitby, Yorkshire

Study of the Headland, Whitby, Yorkshire



Alfred William Hunt (1830-1896)
Study of the Headland, Whitby, Yorkshire

24.3 by 35.5 cm., 9 5/8 by 14 in.

With Thos. Agnew & Sons, 1974

London, Thos. Agnew & Sons,
101st Annual Exhibition of Watercolours and Drawings, 21st January to 22nd February 1974, no.245

Hunt first visited Whitby in around 1874 and subsequently returned frequently, exhibiting over twenty views of the town and its abbey. This was one of his favourite views taken from the north-west, looking across the river Esk and the town harbour, to the headland on which Whitby Abbey stood. The present rapidly drawn sketch omits the Abbey but the harbour wall is visible. A finished watercolour of this view entitled `A Fine Evening at Whitby', dated 1881, is recorded in the Fuller Collection (see Christopher Newall,
The Poetry of Truth - Alfred William Hunt and the Art of Landscape, 2004, no.55, pp.160-1, ill.).