Dartmouth Castle, Devon

Dartmouth Castle, Devon



Edward Dayes (1763-1804)
Dartmouth Castle, Devon

Watercolour over pencil
14.9 by 21 cm., 5 ¾ by 8 ¼ in.

J. Palser & Sons, London;
With Appleby Bros., London

Dartmouth Castle is a coastal fort guarding the mouth of the River Dart estuary in Devon.  Begun in 1388, the castle comprises of a two towers, one round and one square, the whole of which is built upon a rocky promontory, very close to the water's edge.   
Dayes's view of the castle from the Dartmouth side of the estuary highlights the dominant position of the Church of St Petrox directly behind the castle.  With a history dating back to Norman times, the present chapel was built in 1647, looking much as it did today, but without the spire which was removed in 1856 when the lighthouse on the other side of the promontory was erected.