Boats off the Coast at Sunset

Boats off the Coast at Sunset


Thomas Miles Richardson Senior (1784-1848)
Boats off the Coast at Sunset

Signed lower right: TM Richardson Snr/1843
Watercolour heightened with bodycolour and scratching out

Richardson Senior was referred to as `The Father of Fine Arts in Newcastle' during his lifetime. Having been apprenticed to a cabinet maker, he gave it up to succeed his father as master of St. Andrew's Charity School in Newcastle in 1806. He started working as a drawing master during this period and gave up teaching to devote himself to art in 1813. In 1822 he helped set up the Northumberland Institution for the Promotion of Fine Arts and its success led to the Northern Academy of Arts in Newcastle in 1828.

The present late work is likely to be a view taken in the north-east of England.


Height 22.5 cm / 9 "
Width 30.8 cm / 1' 0 "