A Pond, Kensington Gardens

A Pond, Kensington Gardens



Dr William Crotch (1775-1847)
A Pond, Kensington Gardens

Inscribed verso and in another hand on the mount: Kensington Gardens. 4 o'clock. 9 July 1822
Black and blue chalk on blue paper
14.5 by 22.7 cm., 5 ¾ by 9 in.

John Hayes

In May 1821 the Crotches moved to a new house at Kensington Gravel Pits on the north side of Hyde Park. It is now part of the Bayswater Road.

In 1822, the amateur composer Lord Burghersh founded the Royal Academy of Music which was based at Tenterden St off Hanover Square. An early pupil Sir William Sterndale Bennett (1816-1875) wrote his recollections of Crotch: `An active man, he used to walk from his house in the neighbourhood of Campden Hill to Tenterden Street, entering his classroom distended by paint-boxes and sketch-books, and allowing his pupils, to their great delight, to examine any additions he had made on his walk through Kensington Gardens. A musical treat, often enjoyed by his class, was his playing from memory a series of the Choruses of Handel, which he could select with endless memory' (see Jonathan Rennert,
William Crotch (1775-1847) - Composer, Artist, Teacher, 1975, p.66).