A Dog flushing a Snipe

A Dog flushing a Snipe

Newton Smith Limbird Fielding (1799-1856)
A Dog chasing a Snipe

Inscribed lower centre:
Newton Fielding 1839.
Watercolour over pencil heightened with bodycolour
10.1 by 16 cm., 4 by 6 ¼ in.

With Lowell Libson Ltd;
Private collection, UK

Lowell Libson Ltd, Watercolours and Drawings, London, 2006, cat. no. 41, illus.

London, Lowell Libson Ltd, Watercolours and Drawings, 15th November - 8th December 2006, no 41

Newton Fielding came from a family of artists: his four brothers and a sister, all became painters and trained under their father Nathan Theodore. Several Fieldings worked in Paris at some stage, although Newton, whose wife was French, divided his time between Paris and London. He established a reputation on both sides of the Channel for producing small-scale watercolours of animals and birds in landscape settings, delicately worked with a bold palette.