• H.M.S. Wellesley and other Shipping -
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    Pen and brown ink and watercolour heightened with bodycolour and stopping out

    225 x 327 mm., 8 x 12 in.


    Named after the Duke of Wellington, H.M.S. Wellesley was a 74 gun third rate and built by the East India Company. She was launched at Bombay on 24th February 1815. She carried Sir Charles Stuart de Rothesay to Brazil in 1823 and was the flagship of Rear Admiral Sir Frederick Maitland in the Mediterranean from 1827 to 1830 and later in Karachi. Admiral Maitland was replaced on his death by Commodore Sir James Bremer. The Wellesley saw active service under his command during the First Opium War in the early 1840s.


    In 1854 the Wellesley was a guard ship then flagship at Chatham dockyard and was refitted by the London School Ship Society in 1868. In 1940 she was sunk by a German air-raid and was raised in 1948. Her figurehead now stands by the main gates of Chatham Dockyard.


  • H.M.S. Queen and H.M.S. Cumberland off Spithead -

    Inscribed with title verso

    Pen and brown ink and watercolour over traces of pencil heightened with bodycolour and scratching out 

    24.2 by 32.9 cm., 9 ? by 13 inches

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