• The Battle of Waterloo, 18th June 1815 -

    Watercolour over pencil heightened with bodycolour

    303 x 548 mm., 12 x 21 ¾ in.



    Theodore Church, Georgia, VT;

    Private Collection, UK.


    Early in Heath's career (1816-17) he produced a number of watercolours recording the pivotal battles of the Napoleonic Wars. This work depicts the critical events around the Le Hayes Sainte farm on the 18th June. The farm stood near a major crossroads, and its central position made it key for the combatants to control. Both sides pressed hard to hold and take the farm throughout the day.


    Heath shows the time in the afternoon after the advances of the French forces are beginning to falter, and the tide of the battle is turning in favour of the British and their Allies.

    Seen on the left, are members of The Highland Regiments, probably the 92nd Gordon Highlanders, who have consolidated their positions, and are firing on the waning French Cuirassiers in the middle ground. Rushing in from the right to support the Highlanders are the charge of the Household Brigade (Life Guards) and the charge of the Hussars. The mounted officer on the right gesticulating with his sword resembles Lieutenant General Paget, Earl of Uxbridge.

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