• Scale Force, Cumberland -

    brown washes heightened with scratching out
    15 by 9.7cm., 6 by 3 3/4 inches

    Scale Force is the highest of the Lake District Falls and sits above the village of Buttermere

    By J.C. Bentley as a steel line engraving for the `Northern Tourist' series, published by Fisher, Son and Co., 1833
  • John Knox?s House, High St, Edinburgh -

    pen and brown ink and washes over pencil

    11 x 17.8cm., 4 ? x 7 inches



    With the Fine Art Society, London, December 1968



    By E. Radclyffe for Scotland Illustrated, 1837 


    This house was reputed to have been lived in by the Scottish reformer John Knox in the sixteenth century. The house dates from 1490 and is now a museum.

  • Fort Victoria, Kowloon, Hong Kong -

    brown washes over pencil heightened with scratching out

    24 x 18.7cm., 4 ? x 7 ? inches



    By M.J. Starling for the Rev. G.N. Wright?s `China, its Scenery, Architecture and Social Habits?, published by Fisher Son & Co., 1843, vol. II, opp. p.40


    Hong Kong was occupied by British forces in 1841 during the first Opium War and it was formally ceded to Britain under the Treaty of Nanking in 1842. Victoria City was the first British settlement and was on the peninsular of Kowloon. This engraving is based on a drawing executed by Lieutenant Frederick John White (d.1856) who served in the Royal Marines during the Opium War and he took part in the capture of Chinkiang-fu.

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