• Deer in a Wooded Landscape -
    Price on request

    Watercolour over pencil on laid paper

    16.8 by 22.9 cm., 6 Ĺ by 9 inches


    Howitt was born into a wealthy Quaker family in Chigwell, Essex and originally took up drawing as a hobby. He befriended the artists Rowlandson and George Morland and his style is much influenced by the former, whose sister he married in 1779.  He rapidly dissipated his fortune however and took up drawing professionally, specialising in scenes of hunting and other countryside pursuits. He is probably best known for his illustrations for Williamsonís Oriental Field Sports published in 1808.

  • Hare Coursing -
    Price on request

    Pen and grey ink and watercolour on laid paper

    23 x 30.9 cm., 9 x 12 in.



    Simon Morrison;

    Penelope Dewhurst Thomas;

    With Leger Galleries, London


    Another watercolour of the same subject was in the collection of L. G. Duke and was engraved by S. Alken.


  • Harp's Farm, Enfield -

    pen and grey ink and watercolour over pencil on laid paper

    34 by 47.3cm., 13 1/4 by 18 1/2 inches


    This drawing is traditionally titled `Harp's Farm, Enfield' but no farm of this name appears on maps of Enfield of the period.

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