• Portrait of a Gentleman -
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    Half-length, wearing a dark coat and white stock with a landscape beyond

    Pastel on paper, on the original canvas support and stretcher

    60.5 x 50.5 cm., 23 ? by 20 inches



    Private collection, Buckinghamshire


    Humphry was a leading portraitist in miniatures, oils and pastels in the late eighteenth century.  He was elected to the Royal Academy in 1791 and in 1792 he was appointed `Portrait Painter in Crayons to the King?. Most of his portraits of the Royal Family are still in the Royal Collection. Born in Devon, he studied art in Bath and London where he was encouraged as a young artist by both Gainsborough and Reynolds. He started out as a miniaturist but problems with his eyesight in the early 1770s, which eventually led to blindness, forced him to paint larger scale works in oil and pastel. In 1773 he travelled to Italy with George Romney where he remained until 1777 and from 1785 until 1787 he was in India. This is a typical work of the late 1780s when he was at the height of his powers. The loosely applied or flicked brush strokes are characteristic of his style at this period when his failing eyesight influenced his drawing technique.


    We are grateful to Neil Jeffares for confirming the attribution to Ozias Humphry.

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