• Woodcutters by Fingle Bridge, Dartmoor, Devon -

    Watercolour over black chalk heightened with bodycolour on buff paper

    334 x 450 mm., 13 x 17 ¾ in.


    Fingle Bridge is a seventeenth crossing of the river Teign in north-east Dartmoor, three miles north-west of Moreton Hampstead.

  • St Martin?s Church and Mol?s Coffee House, Cathedral Close, Exeter -

    Watercolour and bodycolour over pencil

    39.7 by 59.5cm., 15 ? by 23 ? inches


    St Martin?s Church sits on the north corner of the Cathedral Close in Exeter. A church on this site was originally consecrated in 1065 and the church has since been remodelled in the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries. Catherine Street is the road to the left with the Cathedral Close to the right. The elaborate building to the right was known as Mol?s Coffee House and was the home of the artist John Gendall from circa 1834 until his death in March 1865.

  • On the River Exe near Exeter -

    Watercolour and bodycolour over pencil

    27.1 x 37.9 cm., 10 1/2 x 14 3/4 inches



    Anonymous sale, Sotheby?s, 9th May 1962, lot 60

    Private collection, London until 2010

  • A Pool on the River Avon at South Brent, Devon -

    Watercolour over pencil heightened with bodycolour

    432 x 539 mm., 17 x 21 in.

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