• The Old Workhouse, Steyning, West Sussex -
    Price on request

    inscribed lower left: Old Union Steyning July 57

    watercolour over pencil

    24.9 by 35.9cm., 9 3/4 by 14 inches



    Private Collection, Norfolk


    This shows the old workhouse on Mouse Lane, Steyning. The building still exists as privately owned cottages. This watercolour shows the roof partly thatched and partly tiled (Stark?s inscription `Chaume? is another word for `thatch?) whereas a photo taken in the early 1900s shows it all tiled, as it is still today. Steyning is five miles north-west of Shoreham in West Sussex.

  • Fuller's Hole, St Martin at Oak, Norwich -
    Price on request

    Watercolour over pencil

    261 x 362 mm., 10 x 14 in.


    Fuller's Hole was the popular name for the house of Alderman Fuller, Mayor of Norwich. Fuller's Hole stood on the banks of the river Wensum next to Wensum Park. It was knocked down in the 1930s.

  • Old Houses, Norfolk -

    17.8 by 33.3cm., 7 by 13 inches

    With P. and D. Colnaghi & Co.;
    Private Collection, Norfolk
  • The Harbour at Folkestone, Kent -

    Watercolour and pencil

    14.6 by 31.3 cm., 5 by 12 in.



    Mandells Gallery, Norwich


    Born in Norwich, he became friendly with John Berney Crome at school and was apprenticed to his father the landscape artist John Crome for three years from 1811. In 1814 he moved to London and exhibited at the Royal Academy, Norwich Society of Artists and British Institution. Ill health forced him to return to Norwich where he painted a series of views of Norfolk rivers but he returned to London in 1830 living in Chelsea and then Windsor.


    A pencil drawing by Stark of Folkestone in the Castle Museum, Norwich, is dated 11th October 1834. It shows how undeveloped Folkestone was until the advent of the railway in 1843. Undated views by Stark of Deal Castle, Dover, Broadstairs, Maidstone and Hastings are also in the Castle Museum, Norwich.

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