• Gougane Barra with the Hermitage of St. Finbarr, Co. Cork, Ireland -

    Indistinctly signed and dated lower right: G. Petrie/1831

    Watercolour heightened with touches of bodycolour and scratching out, with added strip to bottom of sheet

    273 x 370 mm., 10 ¾ x 14 ½ in.


    William Stokes describes the scene as follows:

    `The subject is the hermitage of St. Finbar, situated on a lake between Cork and Bantry. The lake is surrounded by hills, whose apparent height is increased by a shrouding veil of mist while the sky is overcast with dark clouds. There is a partial break in this gloomy canopy overhead through the gloomy canopy overhead through which a single sunray falls perpendicularly on the still waters of the lonely lake, on the ruins, and the wild wood which hangs above them, as if to show that even in its desolation and ruin, and in storm and darkness, some light from heaven still falls on this old scene of Christian worship' (see William Stokes, The Life and Labours in Art and Archaeology of George Petrie, 1868).

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