• “This morn I’ve order’d for our Meal, sweet Maid, a Buttock o’ Beef!!’ -
    Price on request

    Inscribed with title underneath

    Grey washes over pencil on laid paper watermarked 1794

    19.4 by 29.7cm., 7 ¾ by 11 ½ in.


    Sabin Gallery, London; With Bill Drummond


    Sabin Gallery, London, “The Sublime and Beautiful” Portraits and Other Drawings by Nathanial Dance R.A. and George Dance R.A., March 27th – April 18th 1973, no 69.

    George Dance was not only an accomplished architect and Professor of Architecture at the Royal Academy (of which he was a Foundation Member) between 1798 and 1805 but was also a talented musician, portrait artist and caricaturist. A group of seventy-two portraits of his contemporaries was published as, ‘A Collection of Portraits sketched from the Life since the year 1793’. A further eighty-four prints, never published, are in the British Museum. His gently humorous caricatures, depicting amusing social situations, such as the present drawing, were produced for his own amusement and for that of his friends and family.

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