• Study of a Woman -

    Black and white chalk on blue laid paper

    39.3 by 26.5 cm., 15 ½  by 10 ½ in.



    The Estate of Vivienne Haskell, the wife of the ballet critic Arnold Haskell (1903-1980)


    This relates closely in style to a portrait by Charles Grignion of the artist’s brother Thomas drawn in 1737 which is in the British Museum (BM 1890,0512,94). This drawing is likely to have been executed at the St Martin’s Lane Academy which was set up by William Hogarth in 1735. The premises were a room on St Peter’s Court off St Martin’s Lane where members would meet to draw from a life model. Members including the engraver Gravelot, the sculptor Roubiliac, the artist Francis Hayman and the young Gainsborough who was employed by Gravelot at the time. St Martin’s Lane Academy drawings are usually drawn on a blue or buff sheet and are of similar size. Two drawings of a similar woman by Gravelot, of the same size and on buff paper, are in the Ashmolean Museum (WA1863.100 and 101).


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